Monday, December 31, 2018

A new home!

Hello! I have not blogged in SO LONG and so much (and not so much) has happened. I moved into a new apartment earlier this month with Keith! About finished settling in and I am so excited to start this new chapter, and most especially live in a space with modern appliances after living in a tiny studio that had little to no kitchen :) 

As for my 2019 resolutions, here they are:

1. create more
2. exercise
3. be mindful 
4. live healthy 

I figure I would keep it short, because any longer it will be hard to stick to it.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Blue Light

So I spent the last two hours reading through my entire blog which I started on and off back in 2012 - can't believe that was six years ago. I noticed as time progressed I had less and less to say. Life caught up to me - and pretty much became so routine that I didn't think I had anything interesting to say but when I look back at old entries I didn't have much going on either ... just a bunch of random, emo thoughts - ha! What's nice though is that memories I've forgotten came flooding back clear as day and it's nice to have it stored for when I feel like looking back and remembering what I did and when.

Just a few days a go I was thinking to myself that I could barely remember what I did two weeks ago. Anyway this whole thing started because I was having insomnia and decided to look at my blog - which then motivated me to write a post about how I should record every thing I do so I can remember it later on. I find it funny that in one of my posts I talk about blogging about my 30th birthday which isn't too far away (ugh).  

Today at work we had a lesson about blue light factor and how we are over exposed to it from all the technology we're using everyday ... especially me since I work in social media and I'm on my phone/computer almost 24 hours a day. Blue light factor is the reason why I am still awake - I need to stop sleeping with my phone. Blue light factor also causes accelerated aging - luckily I still look like I could pass as a high schooler ... I still get away with using my college i.d. for discounts. 

Some highlights/ thoughts top of mind - 

1. A interesting Instagram masterclass I went to. I'll save what I learned for another post. That same day I accidentally got off the elevator and landed in Yahoo's office - which looks amazing. Does anyone even use Yahoo ... how do they have such a sick office space. 

2. This past weekend I went to PA for Keith's sister's going away party. She's moving to Boston. Her fiance made the best ribs I have ever tasted. We watched Hereditary. It's not as good as it's hyped up to be but it's good enough that I recommend seeing it at the movies. 

3. I bought discounted candles at Bath & Body works for half the price. 

4. I signed up for unlimited New York Pilates all summer. My heart is broken though because my coworker told me you can't lose weight from doing only pilates. I hate cardio. I'm coming to terms with I'll just never lose weight and I should throw out my scale

5. I am obsessed with Odd Fellows iced oat latte which is the place pictured above w/ the blue couches. If you have a chance, try it. The milk tastes like ice cream. 


It's 2 AM - I need to go to bed! Thank god I do not have a Pilates class scheduled for tomorrow morning. I'm sad I do not have an avocado for breakfast in a few hours. I've been trying to eat breakfast every morning.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018


Went to Italy recently to celebrate my Mom's birthday. We went to Rome, Tuscany, and Positano. So much beauty and delicious food in Italy. Next time I want to explore Venice and Florence. A lot of walking to be done in Rome.