Sunday, March 25, 2018

Beauty Haul

I recently went on a beauty shopping spree. I'm definitely loving this new indie brand, Kosas Cosmetics - literally want to buy their whole lipstick collection.

My day-to-day makeup has switched up recently. I use to over use eye liner on my upper and bottom lids, not realizing I looked like a panda. Since working at french beauty brand, I've acquired a taste for a more natural, barely any makeup look: highlighter and red lips.

Also, I came across a skincare brand while browsing at Sephora called Laneige. I'm testing out their Lip Sleeping Mask. I have really dry lips - and for a few nights I've been sleeping in this lip mask. My lips are still dry but it feels really nice on, and smells good ... I'm not sure it works or maybe I haven't used it long enough or consistently. I like it though. 

Monday, January 8, 2018

Insomniac Playlist

For nights you can't sleep, here's a little playlist ... 

1. Honey by Marianne

2. Cover of Redbone

3. Da-P & theMIND - Ms.Communication feat.SUN

4. Young by Vallis Alps


Its been a little over a month since Keith and I took a trip to Japan for my 27th birthday. We went to Tokyo, Niigata, Osaka, and Kyoto. Japan is such a beautiful country with amazing food and tons of interesting sights to see. I stayed in a hostel for the first time - definitely my last! Although the hostels we stayed in were interesting and cute, I like having my privacy and luxury of a private bathroom. 

I have to go back - I want to see the cherry blossoms next time I go. 7 days was definitely not enough for all that we packed in. I want to spend more time in Kyoto - the food in Kyoto (especially this one Izakaya we came across) was to die for. 

We went camping in Niigata, where me and Keith had a traditional Japanese meal and ryo-kan experience. We also spent a night in a private outdoor onsen. As I type this, I'm feeling really major withdrawals, and miss Japan so much!

On my birthday Keith took me to see the Yayoi Kusama exhibit and Fish bank Tokyo. The food was so delicious, and felt like a 10 course meal. I wore the wrong sweater, and had lint shedding all over the place (embarrassing). When we got to Osaka, Keith got me a tattoo as my birthday gift. I was going back and forth on getting a tiny wave but last minute decided to get a infinity sign with simple flowers. 

Anyway I'm sad to be back home. Maybe one day I can be a nomad (with Keith).