Sunday, September 30, 2012

6 train

How I feel today:

sort of content but not really

Saturday, September 29, 2012


Christa Louise is an amazing woman whom I work for from time to time. She is an independent scarf designer whose sold to Nordstrom and many other boutiques wholesale. Her products are sustainable and use the art form of nuno felting to create them. Her goal for her company is to one day create jobs for striving women in developing countries. She has already started in a little town in Mexico and has taught these fine women the craft of nuno felting. 


Social Aspen Club

My friend Anjel hosted a party tonight at the Social Aspen Club. I don't really like this place but when you are with cool people anywhere you go is fun regardless. Also at the end of the night I got to eat some bites of falafel. Every month when its close to being my "women time" I get cravings and thats all I eat for the whole two weeks. This month its falafels, last month it was tuna melts and the month before that...I don't remember. 

Friday, September 28, 2012

The flowers I received last night. My broken dream catcher. 

My stepfather gave me these flowers after a little disagreement we had and I guess he felt bad but sadly not even flowers can change my view of him. I know grudges aren't really something you should keep but I don't think thats what I have, what I have is much more worse. I am just plain indifferent to it all. 

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Inside & Out

This is one of my good friends Tiffany. She came down to visit from Pennsylvania and we decided to have fun and do a mini photoshoot on my roof/room. I missed her so much because she is one of the few people I can tell anything to and not worry about being judged. 

The Sun Rises in the East

These photos were taken last year when I went to an art exhibit with one of my good friends, Diana. She left for China already though and wont be back for another year or so. I miss her dearly and we became friends when I went to the College of Mount St. Vincent. She was one of the first friends I made there during orientation and the rest was history. It's crazy to see the years pass us by and then we realize exactly why we made the friends we did. I really do believe that everything has already been planned out for us and that the people we meet are points at a map that lead us to where we are meant to be.  Everything in our lives, even the smallest things are significant guides; we just have to let them in and guide us.

Tudor City

Erica is a aspiring model from Brooklyn who is studying Nursing. She was lovely to work with and her features gave off an innocent and pure expression. She is actually not wearing any makeup in any of the photos above! The shoot was taken at Tudor City, one of my favorite places to visit every now and then. It is a beautiful location filled with trees and victorian looking apartments. It is the first residential skyscaper complex in the world and also one of the reasons why I am in love with the area. You have to climb these stairs to reach it and once you get up there you have the view of Long Island City and the water that separates Manhattan from it. Famous films have been shot there, such as, The Peacemaker, Godfather III, Spiderman 3, Bourne Ultimatum and a few others. 

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


During the month of July I was given the opportunity to shoot beautiful dresses on a beautiful and sweet model named Elisa! I also worked with great stylists, Monica & Victor. Please click here & here to check out their blogs. The theme of this shoot was inspired by film noir. The setting of the shoot was taken at the home of Elisa. Her style and taste emulates old hollywood, so she was the perfect subject for the theme of our shoot!