Wednesday, October 15, 2014

When Trees Fall Down

Weather is weird. Yesterday it was hot and humid and I have my airconditioner on in October. Is the world ending? I hate reading the news. Nothing happy ever comes out of it. Ebola, ISIS, and 35,000 walrus stuck at bay in Alaska because of global warming.

But of course what can I do to help. 


Lately I wake up every morning feeling irritated. Routine feels so unstimulating and if I have to go through that for the rest of my life I think I might just go crazy.

Last night I went to a psychic for my friends birthday. She said a whole lot of crapola that sort of freaked me out. At the end she made me question myself too much. Annoying. I hate when people bring out issues about yourself you don't feel like addressing...especially when they don't know you.

I might join kick boxing. I wish I can stick too something, be consistent for a change. I just want to lose twenty pounds and I'll be happy.