Tuesday, January 27, 2015


I got a new camera over the weekend :) It's mirrorless and I can switch out the lenses. I need to get a 50 mm lens and I'm set! I promise myself to start blogging more now that I have a camera I can just throw in my bag easily unlike my heavy dSLR. 

Next weekend I'm planning to go to Boston. I'm excited to take pictures and explore. Today I got to work from home because of the Juno storm, the blizzard that was suppose to be the biggest in years. Honestly it wasn't that bad but I'm not complaining since I got to stay home. I wish I could always work from home. It feels less stressful and more relaxing, but obviously not as productive. 

I ate so much during the blizzard. There is something about the snow that makes me hungry. I had left over chinese, I ate all my safety bags of potato chips, three orders of sushi, dumplings, and guac. 

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  1. lol I ate pasta......we really need to start the gym again next week! deal?


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