Saturday, March 21, 2015

Pilates, Insurgent, and Burgers

YAY it's finally Spring! It's still cold, but at least it will be warm really soon (I hope). So odd, but yesterday, the first day of happen to snow. (wtf).

It was my friend's birthday - went to Park last night. The food was okay. I don't suggest ordering the fries but the arugula & prosciutto was good. 

I started doing a pilates reformers class. I found this sweet deal on amazon local (5 classes for $49). The problem is the normal rate for one class is $30...but I love going so much I might just pay anyway. I never thought I would enjoy exercising, but the machines really help make it bearable. The instructor I had today though really kicked my ass. I've been going every other day and it's nice that I live only three blocks away from the place. It's this quaint looking pilates center with a vintage vibe. 

I tried Umami burger at last!! I ordered the sunny side burger. It was sooooo good, totally worth the cheat. But of course I'm semi-regretting it after stepping on the scale. 

I watched Insurgent in 3D. I hate 3D movies, but surprisingly I didn't get a headache from it this time. The movie was great, and I'm celeb crushing super hard on Theo James! *Sigh* Him and Shailene Woodly make a cute couple. He's a sagittarius (like me) - so that gives him 10000000 more points.

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