Sunday, March 6, 2016


I cornered my boyfriend into taking me on a date yesterday. We haven't really gone out in a while, as we have succumbed to being satisfied with netflix and chill. Basically we just upped our game and went to a movie theater rather than my couch lol. We went to Night Hawk Cinema, one of my favorite movie theaters in Williamsburg because they also serve real food like cheeseburgers and wine..the only sucky part is they play sucky movies. We saw The Witch was incredibly boring and Keith fell asleep three times. I might as well have been asleep since I kept closing my eyes from all the gory bloody scenes. The plot was weird and I tried to wiki it, and see if I would understand it more but nope. 

Anyway...there was a cute bakery shop across the street from Night Hawk I never noticed. 

I'm so excited for Spring and warm weather. The sun gleaming right now, and I'm about to stop being lazy and head to the gym and maybe explore the farmers market in Union Square.

Also, have you heard of Chromatics? I was watching this weird movie called Bare on netflix last night and I heard of them. It's so chill. Go listen ;)

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  1. My husband and I are definitely Netflix and chill people too. So it is nice to go out every now and then!


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