Sunday, April 12, 2015

A Sentimental One

Yesterday was my mom's birthday. I bought her a purse from Michael Kors, and treated her with a cake and dinner at 5 Napkin Burger :)

I started on my meal plan with Bistro MD. It sucks. The food tastes like airplane food...and so of course I cheated and ate outside food. 

I saw Furious 7, and it made me cry. I miss Paul Walker. It was a really good movie. During the day I ate some yucca fries and regretfully had some strong pina coladas at a mexican restaurant in Soho. Keith & I walked around like drunken sailors for a good hour. Friday was Katrine's last night in New York, and we hung out in her hotel room with sake bottles at The Hudson. Friday night ended a little too emotional. This weekend was a sentimental one. 

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