Thursday, April 2, 2015

Ooompa Looompa

Last weekend I went to Pennsylvania to visit my mom and Keith's cousins. It was a nice escape from the hustle and bustle of New York. Keith brought along colored smoke grenades. They scared me at first, I thought I was gonna turn blue.

This week was pretty calm, and I can't believe it's Friday tomorrow. Last night I went to a animation block party for April Fools and then to a rooftop bar across the street. It was fun. The weather is so beautiful these days. I think I should just move to where the weather is always in between hot and cold - it effects my mood in a good way.

I ate so bad this week. I think I'm going to be a oompa loompa for awhile...

My mom is kicking me off her cell phone plan. She's converting me to an adult in such a sneaky way. I'm using at&t at the moment, and I'm thinking of switching over to verizon. I kind of want the iphone 6+ even though its the size of my hand.

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