Thursday, December 13, 2012

Finals Week

Not much happened today. I studied and took two finals. Only a few more days until the semesters over and then I leave for Florida for a month! For Christmas my father got me a new camera which I am excited for! My family isn't much for surprises and I usually always know what I'm getting before I even open the box which kind of sucks because I do like surprises. I still have to do my Christmas shopping. I am terrible at gift giving and I usually get it wrong. Sometimes, when I'm not feeling lazy, I like to do sentimental things like draw cards or make hand made things. I was speaking to my friend today and she's in a intro to jewelry design class where she made such cool things like an elephant neckalace. I think I want to take that class before I graduate. Taking all business classes can get boring and something fun like that seems refreshing. I also want to take a photoshop class. Anyway I have to get back to studying. Good luck on finals every one!

Photo Credit: Lauren Garcia


  1. I love love that second photo. It's so fun and beautiful. I have to get back to studying too. Two finals tomorrow! Who planned this?

  2. I really enjoy your photos! And this is a random funny compliment but you have nice skinny legs lol =) I am curious to find out what camera you are getting! I LOVE cameras although I only have 2.

    1. Haha aw thank you<3 What kind of cameras do you have? I love them to!

    2. I use a nikon d800. It's a full frame. I also have an old film nikon that I forgot the name of because I never really use it. What camera do you currently use?

  3. wow i LOVE your outfit here!



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