Tuesday, December 11, 2012

MAC SS 13 Boyfriend Jeans

Links: MAC-Mode

I've always admired boyfriend jeans but I never thought I could pull them off. I had the misconception that they were only made for girls who are tall. I wish I didn't wait this long to get my hands on a pair, but I'm glad that the first pair I tried on were MAC. They're so comfortable. I don’t normally wear jeans in the summer because the fabric hugging against my skin doesn’t do well with sweat but these give enough room to eliminate that problem. Even though these were made for Spring/Summer, I can definitely wear them all year round. Its the perfect kind of baggy. I can go out, stuff my face until my belly protrudes and still feel skinny in these gift-from-heaven jeans. Usually when I know I'm going to eat a heavy meal I stick to wearing a dress or track pants, but now I know I can add boyfriend jeans to that list.

You know when they say don't judge a book by its cover, because there might be more to it? MAC focuses on details both outside and inside the jeans. Paying attention to details is important when designing clothing, and MAC excels in that area. Inside the boyfriend jeans you find a distinct form of stitching. The insides of the pockets are made with a paisley pattern and the threads used are the colors of purple and neon green, which can be seen when you cuff the ends of the jeans. The texture is soft and smooth, especially when you place your hands inside the pockets.

I must seem like a crazy materialistic girl rambling about how great these jeans are, but I am really just intrigued by the craftsmanship of them and its artistry. Fashion itself is an art form and all the hard work that goes into it really shows in the final product.


  1. Me encanta el detalle del collar flĂșor en el look :D

  2. You totally rock the boyfriend jeans. I love them! And that pop of neon is perfect.

  3. I love these jeans on you!!! Fab!!! They're so cute! What brand are they??

  4. Wow this is looking great! I adore how simple and chic it looks :-)


  5. i keep seeing these 'boyfriend jeans' everywhere... and i really want to try it... but not sure where i can buy those type of jeans! In korea, pretty much everything is 'skinny' now i think.


    1. They are really comfy! Definitely check out Mac-modes!


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