Sunday, December 2, 2012

My mother can be ridiculous at times. She bought puppy shoes at pet solutions and now my dogs have to bear with them even though they hate it. It was hard to walk them this morning. Paris would only walk with two shoes on and Marilyn would just lay on the ground.

Happy December ! November was okay.

Highlights of November
my birthday
Thanksgiving in Pittsburgh
Madonna concert
discovering S'Mac 

Movies I saw 
Breaking Dawn Pt.2
Wreck it Ralph
A beautiful life
Harold Et Maude

This December I am looking forward to the semester coming to an end and visiting my dad in Florida. This is probably the most difficult semester and the only thing I will miss about it is my fiction writing teacher and macroeconomics teacher. Although I hate Macroeconomics, I really like my professor. Both my fiction and macro teacher are just wonderful, especially because you can tell that they love what they do.


  1. hahaha aren't the puppy shoes hilarious? we got some for my dog once and he was slipping all over the kitchen floor. it was cute. but then we felt bad for him and got worried that he might hurt himself from sliding around so we took them off :)

  2. thank you for your comment,
    I am following your blog :)
    Let me know if you decide to do the same!

  3. owww, just discovered this blog now. seems beautiful.. oh well, you surely are.. anyway cheers ^_^


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