Saturday, November 17, 2012

Last night I celebrated my birthday even though my actual birthday is two weeks from now but I will be gone away in Pittsburgh. I had a lot of fun except I got drunk way too early and I don't remember much from that night. I celebrated it at 675 bar this year and I am so lucky to have good friends who made sure I got home safely. This morning was absolute hell and I woke up to a room that looked like a tornado flew in. My shirt was backwards and I had fake eyelashes hanging off my eyelids. I was a complete mess! At 11:30 today I saw Breaking Dawn and I absolutely loved it. I also loved that I only paid 7 dollars to see it. The fight scene was intense and I think the acting was a lot better in this one then the previous films in the saga. For lunch I ate S'Mac. I am addicted and I am so happy they opened close to my home. So far I tried the burger and buffalo chicken Mac & Cheese. It is so delicious. For dinner I ate at Penelope, one of my favorite cafes close to my home. I didn't like it so much tonight though and the waiter was anything but attentive to my table however I could understand since I was once a waitress and the restaurant was a little packed.

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  1. happy early birthday! These are such nostalgic and lovely photos! I love them!! Also, love your outfit and the fun style!



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