Sunday, November 18, 2012

Li Hui

ML: You’ve taken a lot of portraits - but don’t seem to ever show faces. Why is this?

LH: I think people change their faces too fast in the real world. Sometimes there is no way of knowing their true feelings. But I just wanna know more about what’s going on inside of them and their body language tells me that. Besides, I am a really shy person, so it’s hard for me to focus on someone’s face.


I love Hui's photos because it represents something mystical. It inspires a story created by my own understanding of what I see when I look at her photos and it plays with my imagination. 

"The pictures I took back then always bring back certain memories and remind me of a special person I met. It was during that time that I realized I was looking through the lens to capture everything that I care about. "

If you look at her website and click on about, she provides links to other interviews she's done. I loved reading all her interviews because the way she expresses herself is inspiring and relatable. I don't know her personally but after reading her interviews and then looking at her photos again, I felt like I could see a glimpse of her. 


  1. umm yes, these photos are amazing! and i like that they don't show faces too


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