Thursday, November 1, 2012

Midland, Queens

The storm lifted the sidewalk
Random man walking
 Walking towards Union Turnpike

Friends since toddlers
A small pond  was found under the sidewalk
Me and my cousins

The small pond under the sidewalk

Yesterday me and my mother drove to my grandmother's house in Queens. It took us three hours to get there with traffic when on a normal day it would only take us twenty minutes. It felt so good to finally take a shower when we got there. I feel really spoiled. Today I walked around with one of my best friends and my cousins and saw the damage Hurricane Sandy did on some of the homes in Queens. It looked like the setting of a Zombie Apocalypse movie. I've been complaining for losing power and water for five days at my home but after looking at all the mess Sandy has created in Midland and many other areas of New York I feel really thankful that my family, friends & I are all safe.

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