Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Apartment Tour

It's raining and gloomy outside which means I'm stuck inside. I thought I would welcome you inside my apartment! It's very cozy and most days I don't want to leave. I would rather lay on my couch and watch netflix, hulu, or hbogo all day. Most of my furniture is from urban outfitters, hand me downs, and the garbage. I luckily find a lot of cool things in the garbage like unwanted art, cabinets, and trinkets.

I really love interior design and decorating. One of my favorite blogs to look at is apartment therapy and their small space section. Although my studio is small, I don't mind it. It was really fun to decorate and see what creative ways I could come up with to make if feel bigger. My last apartment was even smaller and so I actually think the space I live in now is big. One of the benefits of living in a smaller apartment is it's easier to clean! I'm really neat and kind of OCD when it comes to cleaning. I can't sleep and I feel really cranky if I feel my apartment is dirty.

One thing I do wish for is a microwave. I haven't figured out where to put it though.


  1. awesome outfit and place xx

  2. Lovely little space! I feel the same way about my condo... I don't really ever wanna leave. Netflix + my couch all day is an amazing day for me... I can't imagine selling it and moving somewhere else...

  3. Wow! That apartment is super adorable! You did a great job with its interior. The colors are perfect, and that exposed wall and the fireplace are lovely as well. You've hit the jackpot on that cozy apartment. Thanks for sharing that, Faye! All the best to you! :)

    Benny Daniel @ Finlay Brewer


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