Sunday, October 7, 2012

Erik Otto

Insight 2010

Immunity 2010

Drifter 2011

Let it Float 2011

Parallel Universe  2011

Erik Otto is an artist from San Francisco. Not only do I find his art work amazing but his insights on where he draws his inspiration from is quite amazing as well.

"I am inspired by all those who disrupt the norm and pursue their passions at whatever cost. Influences range from my artistic peers within SF and beyond, making music with my friends, riding bikes, backpacking, and the current state of our global economic climate."

I find that I am drawn to anyone who is ignited by passion. Those are the best type of people I think because they're real and out of every one in this world they really understand what love is. I think before you love another human being, you must fall in love with a craft first, what makes you who you are and all will follow.

Read the rest of his interview here, he seems extraordinary. 

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