Monday, October 8, 2012

I spent all morning listening to Billy Joel and studying for a macroeconomics test I am having tomorrow. My favorite album  by Billy Joel is "The Stranger". I love how melancholy every song is and how it sort of creates this mood for longing especially on a cloudy day like today. I guess you can say I'm very sentimental. 

Do you believe in ghosts? I think I have a sleeping disorder. Every now and then when I don't get enough sleep I get sleep paralysis. It's when I am awake but my body is still sleeping and I can't move. It's really scary because I start to imagine that there are ghosts in my room. The only way for me to fall asleep again normally is if I turn on a light. Anyway I was taking photos in my room and I saw one of those orbs in my photos which usually only appears when you shoot with flash but I wasn't even shooting with flash which is the scary part. I wonder if I have ghosts in my house and if that is the cause of my sleep paralysis I every so often get but I did some research on the disorder and it is usually caused by lack of sleep. Who knows. 

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