Thursday, October 11, 2012

Stuck on A Puzzle

I saw Pitch Perfect tonight and I am happy to know that my school provides movie tickets for $7.50. I was a bit disappointed with the movie because I had high expectations for it but nonetheless I did enjoy the singing especially when the main girl sang. I love films with music or dance topics because those are two talents I've always wish I had. Watching great dancers or hearing great singers gives me chills so it is quite enjoyable for me to watch. The movie was racist upon asians like myself but I have to admit their jokes about us were a bit true like for instance they made note about how quiet we are. I am pretty quiet and people have told me that I am very soft spoken and hard to hear sometimes. Also they made fun about how asians only hang with asians but if you really think about it many races tend to stick among their own kind and I think it has to do with feeling comfortable and familiar with one another. People tend to stray away from the unknown and that is why I love New York so much. New York is all about exploring the unknown. There are so many opportunities in this city to try new things and experience other cultures. I do have many asian friends but I've always considered myself a floater. I don't like to stick with one crowd and all different types of people interest me. I am very curious about other cultures and going outside my comfort zone.

I made this video for my video production class. We had a "talk show" assignment and we named our talk show coffee break. We interviewed Christa Louise, a scarf designer I sometimes I work for also a woman I adore! Please check out her stuff! It is wonderful! Anyways I made the video with my tripod and I don't have great editing skills so it's a bit amateur but who cares I did enjoy playing around with iMovie. Making films is really hard though because when the camera starts recording its not easy to maneuver yourself around as if a camera isn't filming you and you just end up looking awkward. It's not like taking pictures where its a quick shot and boom you got yourself a nice photo. Making films is a lot more work but I think its really cool. Working on our video production assignment was a bit stressful and I don't think I would ever want to enter the tv production business. My mind definitely doesn't work quick enough. The song I put on in the video is Stuck On a Puzzle by Alex Turner. I have been listening to that album for the past three days.

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