Tuesday, October 9, 2012

"Think about the people missing from your life, and how you feel about them.What we remember — and what we forget — may reveal more about ourselves than about them. Retouching old loves is a way of understanding what we want. It helps us find our way to new ones."

I walked towards the McDonalds parking lot with my friend by my side and there I saw him standing in front of a black SUV. I was immediately drawn to him. And then there was that park with the view that took my breath away, there was the cold air, the love letters, falling asleep on the phone, crying and yelling at midnight, train rides to long island, eating lots of eating, and then before I knew it everything just fell apart just as quickly as we came together.


The people missing in my life are people I didn't want in my life anymore but what I feel for them has nothing to do with hatred but instead I understand that not every one can be in each others lives forever.  Eventually we must move on when the person no longer serves a purpose or helps you grow. I remember the little things like the seats we sat in at the pizzeria we frequently went to and when I pass by the pizzeria I will always have a wave of nostalgia sweep over me but as soon as the pizzeria is out of sight, so are the memories. Every now and then I wonder how you are, what you're doing and hope that you are well. In moments of weakness I wish you were with me just for one night but when the sun rises all of that is forgotten. I still don't know what I am searching for but I think thats okay because sometimes not knowing is better. I am more open minded to try new things, to try it all. I'm young and one day when I am old I will look at my soulmate who took so long for me to find and tell him "You're what I want. I know that because I've experienced it all and no one compares."

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  1. Absolutely loved this! My favorite part was the last sentence..it was so inspiring! Is this about the most recent relationship you've had?


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