Wednesday, October 17, 2012

"I plop back on my bed and lay there thinking about what I should reply back to this guys text message. I scratch my head and realize how silly I am being for over thinking this. I think this is why women get so burned easily compared to men. We are too careful with our words, actions and methods of reeling men in with our bait of deceptions."

An excerpt from a story I wrote awhile ago about a woman turning thirty and her adventures with dating. I think it is a subconscious habit women do when they are thrown into the dating world. They often make themselves into some one there not because they want to appear more attractive to a man but then once they get the guy they end up hating him anyway because she was never herself to begin with and now she finds herself having to act a certain way and well that gets annoying for both the guy and the girl. I'm on my mothers laptop right now and I found these pictures in my old photo album. They were taken for my friends photo story project which was about a girl who was getting ready for a date and well I thought it matched with the story I wrote awhile ago so I wanted to share (: Also I hate cosmopolitan magazine and their advice to women gets on my nerves. Why is there so many articles on what women need to do to get men to notice her or how to please him. I think thats what created this whole mess of people both women and men not being themselves. These type of situations should just happen naturally. We shouldn't have to read advice columns about how to make a relationship work because when a relationship is good or meant to be I would hope its suppose to come naturally and easy. The only way to fix your problems with someone is compromise and communication. Not doing those stupid things this magazine tells you to do. Also cosmopolitan is so sex obsessed. They should really get new material.

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