Friday, October 26, 2012

The Weeknd

I saw The Weeknd last night at Terminal 5. It was amazing! I have crappy pics of the concert. I need a new phone. I wish I had my SLR with me, I would of gotten some really nice shots when he asked the crowd to put their lighters up. He sings great live. An hour before he came on they had a dj, I forgot his name except that he is Kanye's dj. He as well was good and played some great music. This is the first standing gig I ever went to and I want to go to so many more now. The XX is playing today in New York in the Bronx I think and I'm sad I'll be missing it because I am in love with them. The one thing I hate about going to a gig though is how HOT it gets and how claustrophobic it feels. I made a huge mistake in wearing a sweater last night. I literally felt like dying and if it wasn't for The Weeknd's amazing performance I probably would of. Also the ending when its time for every one to get out and go home really sucks as well because you smell a foul odor of weed,beer and sweat mixed together while you're there standing moving like a snail trying to get out but once you do exit and the fresh air hits your skin you know it was worth it.

Where to check out upcoming shows: TheBoweryPresents
Favorite Weeknd song: Next


  1. omg I loveeeeeee the weeknd!!


  2. cool photos!


  3. these photos are awesome! glad you enjoyed watching them xx

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