Monday, October 15, 2012

Photo Uno

For todays photography class we took some photos outside using the methods we were taught in previous classes. The subject is one of the photography teachers named Patricia. She's really sweet and a wonderful instructor! If you're interested in a photography class or seminars definitely check out Photo Uno. They provide classes for reasonable prices and also have smaller events every now and then. In two weeks I will be having an exhibition and I'm super excited about it! I also just bought photoshop because my friend showed me this site where they sell it for MUCH cheaper if you're a student. I can't wait until I receive it so I can play around with my photos or make some designs. I want to take a photoshop class now to. Taking this photography class has given me a whole new insight on taking pictures. I've always liked taking pictures but I never had it in my mind that when you take a photo you are trying to show people what you see. Whether it be the pigeon picking on its feathers or the expression you caught on someones's all about the way you use the rule of thirds to get across what you want someone to see. I hope I explained it as well as my photography teacher explained it to me.

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