Sunday, October 14, 2012


I hung out with my mother today. We watched the movie "The Ice Storm" this morning. My english professor lent me the film. He showed us a clip of the film in class and then we had to create a story of what we thought would of happened based on the scene he showed us. It's a bizarre movie and the dialogue was very monotone so it was very hard for me to pay attention. Elijah Wood and Katie Holmes is in the movie along with Christina Ricci. For lunch we went to Serendipity. It's famous for their frozen hot chocolate shakes. There is always a long wait and I guess if you've never been there the wait is worth it but after going there a few times it just becomes another one of those hyped up restaurants. The interior of the restaurant was well designed. I enjoy the random things they hang on their ceilings. On our walk back home I came across a deli that had millions of flower bouquets for sale. I was immediately drawn towards the bouquet of cotton. I think I would be the perfect boyfriend if I was a boy because I would give those bouquet of cotton to a girl and say a cheesy line like..."Here I bought you these instead of flowers so that you can wipe off your make up." Okay maybe that was a bad line. I would probably be a bad boyfriend. Still.....I would like it if a man bought me a bouquet of cotton rather than the ordinary flowers.

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