Sunday, October 7, 2012

I stood at work today thinking of a master plan...I mean what else could I do for 6 hours with nothing to do but stand until a customer comes in (which is rare) and seat them. But anyway back to my master plan...I thought and thought of anything I could do to make money and get the hell out of my shit job. Well I came up with the fact that I need to start my own business because I will never be happy unless I am my own boss. As for the rest of the plan..well I will have to get back to that because I don't know. Maybe I could be an imagination consultant and help people with writers block or something. Although who would pay me for that...lets be real. I can't think of anything but this quote that keeps replaying in my mind which goes something like "ideas make millions".

I just need to find another job soon before I kill myself with the menus at work. Sometimes I wish I had a remote to my life. I would fast forward until I get to the part where I am not a hostess anymore but a fabulous lady who makes tons of cash and a closet like Mariah Careys.

The photos above all this writing gibberish were taken a few weeks ago when I went on a walking escapade downtown with my bestfriend. The macaroons are from this amazing little cafe down in west 4 called "Bosie Cafe" . My favorite are salted caramel and vanilla! They also have yummy teas.

I have a test on Tuesday. Crap.

Goals of this week:
  • Stop procrastinating 
  • Read the dictionary and strengthen my vocab
  • Save my money
  • Stop saying, start doing 
  • Sleep like a normal human being
  • Take vitamins. I look like a zombie. Need to stop that.

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  1. love these pictures, pretty outfit! I love your style. :) Oh and Yes, me too... i need to stop procrastinating and stop saying, start doing.

    Hope your goals work this week!



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