Friday, October 5, 2012

Fashion For a Cure

After a long week of work and school it was nice to end my Friday with some wine, cupcakes and some meat balls! The event had wine tasting and my favorite one that I tried tonight was moscato, a wine from South Africa I wasn't bitter, but had a mild sweet taste. The event took place in a nice loft sized space with a beautiful terrace that had the view of the whole city.

"Fashion For A Cure mission is to utilize various forms of fashion to perform charitable work as it pertains to healthcare. Fashion and healthcare has internationally established themselves as two of the most influential and admirable fields of industry. The vision of Fashion For A Cure allows the bridging of gaps between organizations and people that offers and needs services."

If you're wondering about the last photo of the random old man...well I just saw him and asked him if I could snap a picture. I found it interesting to find him sitting in a beach chair in a random city side walk.

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