Monday, October 22, 2012

Murder on Chelsea

          Annie was a housewife. Frank was a banker. They lived in a small walk up apartment on Chelsea. When Frank left for work every morning, Annie cooked and cleaned their tiny home. When 6 pm came, the door opened and Frank walked in. They looked into each others eyes with no feelings. She laid a plate of steak in front of him and they ate in silence. If an outsider were to watch the couple together they would think they were mindless human beings but that wasn't the case. Frank was in love with his secretary and Annie dreamed of a train ride whose destination was freedom. Annie was always a wild one before she met Frank. It was her mother who had set her up with him because she disapproved of Annie's unconventional ways. 

            One sunny afternoon Annie left the apartment and took a stroll down where ladies didn't belong. She walked into a gun shop and straight towards the counter where a grimey old man stood behind. "May I help you miss?" he asked puzzled because what on earth would a dainty looking woman be doing at a gun shop on a sunny afternoon. "I want to buy a gun." she said indifferently as if it was the most common thing to do. She pulled out a large chunk of money and placed it on the counter. "Anything will do." she said. The old grimey man didn't ask questions and took out one of the guns that laid inside the glass compartment. It was gray and heavy. He placed it inside a brown paper bag and handed it to her. Annie placed the paper bag that held her ticket to freedom into her purse and walked out the shop. She was going to kill frank. 

To be continued....

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